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National Center for Mental Health Promotion and Youth Violence Prevention

National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day, May 2013

Project LAUNCH states, communities, and tribes created campaigns to raise awareness about the importance of young children’s mental health for Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day, May 9, 2013. Activities included media events, summits, art exhibits, family activities, community field days, and contests, all focused on promoting children’s mental wellness.

Please send your Awareness Day materials to Kellie Anderson, Project LAUNCH communications specialist. 

Read more about the national event at, and watch the recording of the Children's Mental Health Awareness Day Webinar from March 20, 2013
Below are materials created by Project LAUNCH grantees who participated in 2013’s National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day to serve as inspiration as you plan your Awareness Day activities for 2014.

Cherokee Nation Project LAUNCH held an event called "My Feelings Are a Work of Art". Kindergarteners created a drawing in response to the prompt, "When I feel made, sad, or scared, I do this to make me feel better." Four local libraries displayed the children's art, accompanied by information and resources about mental health and wellness.


The Michigan Department of Community Health hosted activities at the Capitol, including a lunch and a press conference. The govenor endorsed Children's Mental Health Awareness Day and revealed the Michican Social and Emotional Health Toolkit. The toolkit includes a fact sheet, a powerpoint, and a guide for families. 

New Mexico

To observe Children’s Mental Health Awareness Month, New Mexico Project LAUNCH hosted a webinar on Wednesday, May 29, 2013 called Approaches that Work: Key Components of Early Childhood Bullying Prevention Programming. The webinar explored the difference between bullying and conflict and how to spot the early warning signs of children who are using power to get their needs met. The presenter shared that learning how intervening in cycles of mistreatment before they escalate, is preventing bullying. Digging deep in the most essential components for early childhood bullying prevention—modeling and supporting the behaviors we wish to see in our young children, like kindness, patience, and empathy—is crucial.

Rhode Island

In Rhode Island for "May is Mental Health Month", Project LAUNCH teamed up with other collaborators to host the "Let’s Get it Right" Summit, which brings together service providers, educators, corporate and community partners, and policymakers dedicated to improving the outcomes of all young children in child welfare. Project LAUNCH also participated in the May is Mental Health kickoff event at the State House, which featured presentations, a children's art exhibit, evidence-based parenting classes, and other activities.


Washington Project LAUNCH joined with partnering organizations for Family Field Day, which is an event that promotes whole child wellness by emphasizing emotional health, nutrition, and physical fitness through educational materials and activities. This event drew nearly 2,000 participants. Project LAUNCH Washington also participated in the Youth Coalition Suicide Walk to support awareness and prevention efforts on this issue.


Project LAUNCH convened the Wisconsin Children’s Mental Health Matters Coalition, a group of parents and professionals, to help plan the National Children’s Mental Health Awareness activities. The coalition held a poster contest, where youth created artwork based on the the theme, "My Feelings Matter." Finalists were selected in each age category and the public could vote on their favorite art piece online.